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Registration and Curriculum Division

 Lu, Ming-Che 

Division Head



·      Manage, oversee, and coordinate all affairs in the Registration and    
  Curriculum Division.

·      Planning and analysis of the administrative network system.

·      Formulation and revision of rules and regulations related to academic    

·      Processing of irregular or special cases related to student registration         procedures.

·      Planning and scheduling of dates and events in the academic calendar.

·      Organize course enrollment seminars and briefings for freshman      

·      Provide information and progress reports.

Office    Office of Academic Affairs C101
Tel.    05-2721001 # 1110
E-mail     mingche@mail.nhu.edu.tw

Huang, Yu-Ling  Administrative Assistant


·      Management of the education database, curriculum resources network
   system, and all course-related matters.

·      Provide information and support for student course selections, student
   refunds and outstanding fees.

·      Processing of overtime pay for faculty members and hourly pay for    
   part-time lecturers.

·      Convene Curriculum Committee meetings.

·      Processing of curricula-related research projects.

·      Implementation and processing of curricula for the “Teaching
   Excellence Project”.

·      Processing of all new courses on campus.

·      Processing of courses lectured in English only, and distance learning

Office    Office of  Academic Affairs C101
Tel.    05-2721001   # 1111
E-mail    ylhuang@mail.nhu.edu.tw


Chou, Ying-Yi

Administrative Assistant


·      Management of the education database, and processing of all
   registrations and enrollments.

·      Processing and issuing of Proof of Enrollment statements and letters.

·      Processing and issuing of admission acceptance letters.

·      Processing of student registrations, budgeting, and payment    

·      Processing of extension of studies and student dropout-related matters.

·      Processing of master’s and PhD students’ final examinations.

Office   Office of  Academic Affairs C101


  05-2721001  # 1121
E-mail    jyy@mail.nhu.edu.tw

 Hong, Yu 

Administrative Assistant



·      Management and processing of student course selections.

·      Management and processing of new courses and course changes.

·      Printing and distribution of classroom schedules.

·      Allocation of lecture rooms and venues.

·      Management and processing of class changes and lecture room

·      Management and processing of rollcalls.

·      All course scheduling announcements.

·      Management and processing of dropped courses.

·      Designing and preparation of the University curriculum.


  Office of  Academic Affairs C101


   05-2721001 # 1113




Project Assistant



·  Responsible for innovation-related courses.

·   Process matters related to interdisciplinary programs.

·   Process work related to the Teaching Excellence Project’.

·    Process official documents.

        ·    Carry out other tasks assigned by superiors.


  Office of Academic Affairs C101


  05-2721001  1123



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